Computer Problem Solving: A Philosophical View

Problems happen. They are a part of life. We accept them as a fact of life however we still want to resolve them as quickly as possible. Before we can solve a problem though we need to understand one thing about them: All problems exist within a context, some type of system that not only makes the problem possible but defines it and gives it shape. Before we can solve a problem we have to learn as much as we can about the system in which it develops.

In its most abstract form a system is just a set of interacting components that form an integrated whole. That whole resulting in the manifestation of event that no one component could produce on its own. Whereas in the realm of science we may be able to say that systems (galaxies, star systems, ecosystems etc.) develop with no intent at all, in the realm of human endeavor (Cultures, Societies, Businesses, and especially Small Business Networks…) systems are developed with a particular goal in mind.

A problem would be anything preventing the system from producing it’s intended result. So when a problem arises we have to ask ourselves: What is this purpose of the system? What is it’s goal? What was it put together to do?

We also need to know: What the different parts of this system are. How do the component parts of the system work together to achieve that goal?

Once we know the answer to these questions we have what we need to *resolve the problem.

*(Actually it is the system that gets “resolved”. Since most problems are just a lack of efficient/effective communication between the components parts of  a system, when we “fix a problem” we are actually just restoring fluid communication within the system hence the term ”solve” or “resolve”.)

I realize the statement above goes against the mathematical understanding of the term solve (such as solve for “x”) but as the article title implies this is  just my own philosophical view of problems solving.

What is yours?

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  1. I have been reading your posts lately, just want to say thanks for all informative stuff i have found here, helped me learn alot lately.

    Much Regards, Mark